Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Looking Back on My First Event

Well, the carol-along just ended. I did have some thoughts about it.
None of my friends came, it was just me (which was totally fine with me, it's a really busy time of the year). I think that is due to the lack of scheduling on my part, I also didn't announce it early enough I think. Then that gives people who are interested in going time to get it on their calendar.
The event itself was so-so. Half way through some crazy hooligans showed up. One person kept yelling "NO" and called me an Elvis wannabe. Um, do I look like Elvis? Then some more people came and gave us their revised versions of Jingle Bells. Needless to say those lyrics weren't too great. Then one dude started swearing, and then someone reported him, which made him swear more.
Although there was some positive feedback to the carol-along. Some people did sing a verse or two of a carol. I think the amount of typing slowed some people down, I know it did to me. I am a really slow typist. Hmmm, if I were to do this next year I would make these changes:

I would pick a date earlier in advance.

I would pick a different place, more secluded.

I would pick a better realm.

I would do something that involves less typing.

I would maybe post of list of sing able songs pre-event.

I would not sing Jingle Bells so much.

I would maybe offer a prize or have a competitive part of the event.

That's what I'd do differently. But I think that my carol-along was okay. I did have fun. I have a ton of respect for anyone who organizes these events! It really is hard work!

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  1. What!? I forgot! Yeah, I think you should tell everyone in advance. Also, capitalize the letters on the title. I think then, I may remember.


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