Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I few days ago I met a ton of fellow wizard101 bloggers.
First up I met Ronan.
Then I went to what might be the most epic party of the year,
and saw tons of bloggers and famous wizards. Including Kestrel's bro, Alex.
Also at Awesome Diviner's b-day party I meet Amber and Cody. (BTW, Amber, I think something is wrong with your site, because everytime I try to read it, it goes to another site.)
How fun! I love to meet people.


  1. Sorry Heather! I don't know WHY hat keeps happening, but i'm oing to try to fix it.
    I think it was the countdown thing...
    Stupid countdown thing...

  2. *Sigh*
    You saw the bug, didn't you, wandering conjuourer.
    Spelled that wrong....

  3. Hmm, I'm getting known now..Thanks Heather.

  4. Oh hey, I see me in your picture. Stephanie Frostwielder [: Cool blogs btw!


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