Monday, March 8, 2010

The Red Carpet

I like the Oscars. Mostly, I like looking at the wild fashion at the Oscars.
So in honor of the Oscars and their crazy fashion I took my wizard family on a trip to the blue carpet...
The crowd roars and you hear the clicking of a thousand cameras, as the ladies and gentlemen walk into view.
ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the first annual Wizard101 blue carpet event!
First on the carpet is Victoria GriffinBane, sporting a MB look. Along with her outfit, is her new favorite pet Jasper, and complementing Jasper is her jade blade.
And here is Lenora RavenWisper, in her new Krokotopia garb. Looking very stylish.
And next is miss Kestrel AshBlade, with her back to Wizard City look. Hmmm. Not sure about that robe.
And last but certainly not least Heather Raven. "The look I am striving for this year is that of a wandering minstrel." Very nicely pulled off I must say.
Well that just about wraps up the first annual Wizard101 blue carpet event! Hope to see you all next year! Remember, stay stylish.... and never wear white after labor day! Good night folks!
Then the ladies and gentlemen partied the night away... at the Awesome Diviner's Birthday Party.


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