Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crafting Maniac

I had a really good time playing PvP last night. Before we got started, I got some tips (thank you Kevin) that really helped me out. 
I actually helped win a couple matches! Woot! New experience!
Will you be seeing me competing in the ranked matches anytime soon? Probably not. I don't really have a lot of time for the epic 4v4 warlord 6 hours battles. But I'll probably be jumping into the friendly MFP match a lot more. Which is good, because its another way for me to hang with my friends. :) And now I'm not freaking out about having a PvP ring in my house anymore. LOL!
In other news, crafting is going really well!
Here's what I've crafted so far, assembled in my dorm:
2 star icons, 2 sprig trees, 5 star chalices, 2 sconces.
Pretty good eh? Then I'll need to go get the 75k gold. Oof. That will be difficult. I'm really bad at saving gold. And I need a new super awesome farming spot, since I don't have one currently. 
So it looks like I've got some more work to do. Better get to it!


  1. To get gold you can just take another one of your wizards through Celestia, and transfer the loot you get through your shared bank.

  2. I'd go back to the good ol' Ravens for farming. But, like Kestrel Shadowthistle said, just tkae Victoria or Kestrel through CL and tranansfer the loot. Or you could help Samuel and sell that loot ;)

    Your brother in wizardtry,
    Dustin Griffinflame

  3. try the cheatin bosses of stormriven, got me 30,000 gold in an hour.

    -Malorn Ghostrider

  4. Kestrel: Yep I think I might do that. I really want to get one of my alts through CL anyway. :)

    Dustin: You just want me to help you! xD No, but seriously I get so much loot helping out. I never turn down a plea for help!

    Malorn: Hmm, I used to farm them but I got REALLY tired of explaining how the bosses worked to other people. Maybe I'll have to look back into it...


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