Thursday, February 10, 2011


Up here's a slapdash of updates from Wizard101.

I downloaded the Test Realm on my laptop and everything was loading up.
Here's a screenie.

I started gardening on my alt Vicky. I want to get her up to Prickly Bear level (4). :) They are the bestest.
Oh and she also got a new holiday wand from Mr. Oni.
I call it her "pea-shooter". It's too small to actually look like a crossbow. It's a pea-shooter!

Miss Darby got to level 20! Okay, this happened weeks ago, but still! It's a big milestone. 
Yay for her new princess outfit!

 Oh and I'm getting close to finishing up crafting for the CL observatory. (I hope they don't change anything. That would totally suck at this point.)
Gus is so happy! Look! He did a backflip!
All I need to make is 6 crystal street lamps. Woot! I'm on a role!

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