Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Meanwhile, We Dig..."

Petapalooza. You're probably asking yourself what the big deal is. Normally I wouldn't be able to give you a good reason why it is getting so much attention. However, this time I can!
The wonderful #twizards discovered that in honor of petapalooza, KI Free Games and Wizblox have been updated with a new loot table! (Clicky-clicky to see!) This loot table includes mega snacks. You heard me. Mega snacks. That's enough to make anyone love Doodle Dug (aka the Great Escape game) at least a bit.
 Also featured in the new loot table are some pets. Like the Death scarab, FOG unicorn, and Lighting Beetle.
 While you have to play a lot of games to get all the cool loot you probably are drooling for at this point, think of it this way: you can sell all those extra pet snacks and cash in. Are you seeing gold yet?
Alright. Don't just stand there! Go go go! Get digging! Or dueling. Or block-matching (?).

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