Monday, June 27, 2011

Gotta Dance

As you may have heard via twitter: Dude! We're getting the band flash mob back together! Here's the skinny peeps:

We'll be meeting Sunday afternoons at 3pm PST (5pm Central, 6pm Eastern)!
Location: Heather Raven's house, port bus will be at Golem Court (Vampire, area 1) from 2:50pm PST to 3pm PST. Feel free to invite friends to port and join in.

Audience members are welcome, but are asked to keep the talking down to a minimum so we can work.

A new feature that I am going to be experimenting with is Livestream. Hopefully (*crosses fingers*) I will be able to Livestream the rehearsals, so that I can communicate with people in multiple ways. Some times you just need to hear it, you know? Plus then I won't forget what we did because it's recorded. ;P

As I've said before, I love flash mobs. They're so happy! I really love flash mobs that
 bring together the most unlikely group of people, into this big dancing mass. So that's why I am going to start off slow (Yes, some of you older players will probably find this easy). I want everybody to be able to accomplish something. As a long term goal, I'd love to have a group that could do complex, dazzling maneuvers, at a moment's notice. As I said, long term goal. LOL. I think my "super objective" for the project is basically to spread the spontaneity of Wizard101. Imagine, you're a wizard, doing your thing in the commons. Then out of the blue, a group of people start dancing. Hopefully that makes you smile, and hopefully you take that spirit of creating something and spread it. Aw. It's so sappy.

For those of you who can't wait to get started here's a little homework. Hehe. Don't worry this is just breaking down what the routine is. Nothing crazy.

I don't know about you, but I sure am excited! Hope to see you on Sunday!


  1. for that dance, it is possible to have wand and pet off so can see better. Just suggest!

  2. As much as this seems fun, I probably won't be able to join in. I'm going on vacation where it's three hours ahead of PST and we'll be having dinner then. DX

    Alura Duskblade


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