Friday, July 1, 2011

O Canada! or Victorious

Happy Canada Day everybody! Since I do come from Canadians, I tend to get into the spirit of this holiday, even more than the 4th of July. hehe.
So let's hear it for all our Canadian players. Woohoo! Happy Canada day to you all.
But I do have other-- more Wizard101 related things to celebrate today. Mainly, Victoria's freedom from the tyranny of romulan outfits. Yesterday I managed to level up to Legendary. Woot. Then I dashed off to the Waterworks because I really wanted some new gear (and Mega Snacks), and after two and a half runs the lucky-duckie had her entire outfit.

Patriotic, eh?

With her new outfit, Victoria will venture back into Celestia and finish it off. Then she will travel to the land of Bears, Wolves, and Ravens, and attempt to work her way through with as little boredom as possible. Then, finally, she'll journey to the foot of the Grandmother Raven's tree to seek adventure excitement and pets(!!!) in Wintertusk.

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