Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cultural Improvement

Ahem. It has come to my attention that some people are not completely satisfied, with -- alright! Keep your shirt on! That some people are not completely satisfied with level of... how shall I put this... of cerebral and stimulating material on this blog. So I have made a compromise and -- yes! yes it was! Anyway, I've agreed to let my sister Sam Raven, post every once and a while. She has some crazy-- er um. I mean some really great ideas for making the blog more intellectual.  Anyway I am proud to introduce our new cultural segment.

Hello everybody. I am Samantha Raven. I hope your minds have not suffered to much from all the twaddle that is on this blog regularly. This blog is frequently weird, and disturbing. Apparently since no one else feels it necessary to provide the upright role model that children require, I feel it is my duty to try my best to influence the youthful promise for the better. I have called upon the better nature of some of my friends and relatives to help me with my project. Starting today, you will receive a weekly relive from the swill, and enjoy a cultural experience. Without further ado, Lenora Ravenwhisper has volunteered to read us a poem by Edgar Allan Poe. My favorite British playwright.

... That was weird and disturbing. I do not think that was-- UGH. Just when I am trying to improve the culture of the youthful promise of the spiral, all the weirdos show up.
Well fortunately next week I have a different guest ( I won't make that mistake again.) who will provide a truly enlightening experience for us. Until then.
In wands we trust,

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