Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tell me why

"Why do fools fall in love?" No. "Why you cry and why you lie to me?" No. "Why can't the English learn to speak?" No. "Why--" Are you finished? "... Maybe." Okay then.
Tell me why do they keep messing with my Spyglass?
Stupid sparkle.
You may remember I crafted this wand a while back because it had no sparkle! I wanted it to look like a spyglass. But nooooo. KI had to put a sparkle on. Ugh, if you really want to improve the crafted wands, you could give them some better stats. (I mean it seems obvious...)

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  1. Ha, they totally screwed it up. Sorry Heather, KingsIsle,it seems like a world of constant glitches/mistakes. I seriously don't see why they do the things they do, seems stupid to be honest. But, I'm not gonna rant due to the safety of my account


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