Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sam's Corner

Hello again. It is once again time for your cultural exposure of the week. My name is Samantha Raven, and I have taken over the duty of being a good role model for all the youthful promise of the spiral. This week Victoria has agreed most kindly (how unusual) to read us a Limerick which is a very ancient and renowned form of poetic expression. This particular poem is from the Book of Nonsense (huh, I thought Victoria said she was going to do something down to earth, and not "lofty"...) by Edward Lear the renowned scholar.

WHAT! WAS! THAT! That made no logical sense, what-so-ever. And what was with all the doo-wap-dee-doo-ing in the background! I distinctly told her (knowing her to have vulgar taste) to pick something instrumental! UGH! What a weirdo.
In wands we trust,


  1. That was one of the most random post I have ever read/seen lol. Edward Lear...-Thunderblade


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