Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Kettle Corn Killers

The last time we left our heroine, she was about to embark into the final frontier. This new and foreign land of Player versus Player was full of new and exciting challenges for our heroine and her friends.

As I approached the arena this morning, long before our match was going to take place I was nervous. Our team hadn't practiced. Would we preform well under pressure? Our line up was lacking a major offensive player. Sure we might live indefinitely but you have to kill the other team sometime! I personally hadn't played a 4v4 match since the fall, and I was second guessing my abilities. What about the other team? Would they play by the rules? I could see by their gear and by their attitude that they (contrary to their jocular name The "Noobs") knew their way around an arena. 

Well we all took a deep breath and plunged into a battle that might go down in the books as one of the most interesting and dynamic matches of all time on Wizard101. KBB and Cassandra DragonHeart (our hostess) kindly recored and commentated the match. 

I was so thrilled with how Paige, Ben, Angel and I worked together as a team (with NO practice (and some of us had very little experience in PvP) to boot!). And I was honored and truly delighted to hear such positive feedback on our plays. I was also just really grateful that we had such a very good team to go up against. They played very well and exceeded my expectations with good behavior. Even though they had annoying spritely pets. LOL.

I can't stress enough how grateful I am to my team mates for their exceptional playing today and for taking a risk and entering USWT with me. Because it was a risk. We met it head on. Bravo (and Brava Paige)!

I'd also like to thank Cassandra a lot because she presented a really great challenge (dipping my toe into PvP) in a very successful way. I was encouraged to try something new, and I was certain that I would learn new skills. Bonus! I even had fun.

Umm.... I forgot what I was saying. OH right! Thank you! Everyone who was involved. Thanks Hexy for shouting out "go heather and her frog!" Thanks John for believing that I'd do well in the tourney and helping me farm for gear in prep. Thanks to Donna for a seed that ended up giving me some very useful TCs! Thanks to everyone who came out and watched the match, and everyone who signed up for the tourney. Thanks to my team. And thanks be to Bartleby that I didn't make too many stupid mistakes, or press the wrong button! Hehe!


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  1. It was MY pleasure to have 2 such wonderful teams face off! It was one of the most EPIC matches I have watched -- including my own! Y'all certainly deserve the title of Arena RATs (Radically Awesome Teammates!) Well played indeed! Bravo Bravo Bravo!


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