Thursday, July 14, 2011


I have been spending a lot of time in my Dorm recently. And also I have been on a bit of western kick. I mean westerns. Gotta love 'em. Chaps. REALLY love chaps. And the boots. And the horses! HORSES!
Ahem. Anyway. This afternoon after watching-- don't laugh! actually you can laugh, I do-- Bonanza with Adam West in it and getting a little silly with my friend ("It's BATMAN!" "No! It's Adam West!" "What are you talking about that's not Adam!" "Yes it is!" "No Adam's over there!" "Wait that's Pernell!" "No! It's BATMAN!" "Okay, okay. Be quiet so we can get back to Batman--I mean Maverick--wait! Bonanza. NO! Batman! Oh I don't know what I mean!") I decided to borrow a housing idea. Paige has this super dorm room that's a Marelybonian jail. Well here's my spin off on her idea, a la Wild West.

The Sheriff's office

The Sheriff's living quarters

Sheriff's Office
Okay what a really need to finish this off is a great outfit. HELLO! COWBOY HAT! I don't understand this... We have an indian headdress which goes with nothing, and yet no cowboy hat...


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