Monday, July 11, 2011

The Final Frontier

As you may know, I'm not really a big PvP-er. 
But when Cassandra DragonHeart announced her PvP Tourney, it sounded like a good time, and a good environment to learn in. So after a little persuading, I set off to create a team. 
After some less than successful attempts, the ever gentlemanly Sir Winterbreeze volunteered to join me. 
I, of course, started thinking up names, and then struck upon Team Kettle Corn Killers in reference to Angel's habit of eating popcorn whenever something interesting happens. I quickly created a this little recruiting poster....
And boy. People sure want to be with you when you have a cool name! What's up with that? (That is my tip, by the way to people trying to scrounge up a team. Come up with a cool/wacky/grooevil (groovy + evil) name!)
So now I'm venturing where none of my wizards have gone before. Into the heart of PvP-Land. I think we'll make it back. Alive? Maybe. But definitely with new knowledge and hopefully with some new memories of spending time with my friends. 
All this sappy talk making you yearn to come and join us? Please do! Grab a team and (HURRY! submissions due tomorrow 7/12! ) submit it. Or just come and watch the matches. You can find all the details right here at Cassandra's blog:
Also check out: "United We Stand -- Looking for a team?" on Diary of a Wizard™ ConnectX: 

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