Friday, January 7, 2011

Not a flashlight

I really like the new spyglass wand design in Celestia. That and the cutlasses! So epic!
So of course when I got to level 55, I went to the bazaar and bought a Insightful Spyglass.
Oh I really liked it.
Then one day I was playing with my friends and we had just finished a battle and we were chatting. Well one of my friends looked at me and said, "Oh look! A flashlight!" 
... *facepalm*
It's not a flashlight, its a spyglass!
It's a spyglass. Spyglasses are cool.
So I was sitting there suffering, no one realized the true awesomeness of my wand. *sob*
So I decided to craft a new one.
Yes I said craft. You can get wand recipes on the Floating Land in Celestia.
They are actually rather lame wands. They do less damage, have less critical rating, and don't have the sparkle that the dropped wands do. Actually the first time I saw them I thought, well that is stupid. Who is going to spend a ton of time and reagents for a wand that is lame-er than the wands you can easily farm for or buy at the bazaar? The people who want their wands to be recognized as a spyglass and not a flashlight I guess.
Spyglass FTW. 
So now I have a wand that is most definitely a spyglass. Yay! I feel better now...


  1. Spyglasses ARE cool. And so are bow-ties (XD dr who).

  2. I don't care much for any of the new 55+ wands, except maybe the Death one. My Fire wand (Bazaar purchase) looks like an oyster on a stick. :(

  3. Victoria: Yes!!! (I'm so glad someone got that joke. hehe) Bow-ties are cool. But fezzes... not so much. xD

    Sierra: Yeah the wands are a little on the funky side. I do like the myth one too. As someone on Twitter said, it looks kind of like a time-turner. They clam wands... Well at least now you can "Keep Clam" in style. ish.


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