Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Greenhouse Effect

I don't know where you keep you're garden, but personally I'm keeping mine in the greenhouse in my Royal Estate (the big MB house).
I have learned a few things about making this space more efficient.
Use pots not plots.
When you make a plot (of whatever size) in your greenhouse rows, you only have enough room for one row.
Like so:
Silver Trumpet Vines, in medium sized plots.
 However, you're greenhouse rows actually have room enough for two side-by-side pots!
Like so:
Two empty medium pots.
This is also true of the small sized pots as well.  
Pink Dandelions in small pots.
Of course if you want to be really efficient you'll arrange you're pots in a hexagon or something. I haven't really explored that yet. For now, keeping my garden confined to my greenhouse is just right for me.

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