Saturday, January 1, 2011

Children of the Resolutions

New Years resolutions. Can't live with 'em. Can't live... Well I could live without 'em, but anyway. My resolutions! Here they are (the in-game ones, you probably don't want to hear all my boring real-life goals) in no particular order:

1. Spend a week without using text-chat. <- Why? Because I can. It's good to step into other people's shoes. I think might blog these adventures too.

2. Finish decorating my MFP. <- This will take forever. Can I complete my house in only one year?!

3. Hold a huge party in my completed MFP. <- Sounds easy, but is much harder than you think. I've had little success hosting events in the past. Maybe I'll be able to actually hold a real party this time.

4. Get another one of my wizards to legendary. <- This will probably be Victoria. Or maybe Kestrel. I dunno I really love Ra so I'll most likely be working on Vicky. Yes I call her "Vicky" in my head. I'm just typing it this time.

5. Get another of my wizards to Grandmaster. <- 99% sure this will be Lenora. She's already 44. I just have to get over my Dragonspyre block.

6. At least start crafting a Watch Tower Hall. <- I love this house. I really do! I am just really intimidated by all the work it will be. Crafting one stepping stone does count as starting. I am banking on that.

7. Continue to work on always being as polite as I can to the other people in the game. <- Yeah... do unto others... and all that jazz...

8. Work on keeping my mouth shut when people are out to bug other players. <- Yeah. Ahem. I need to work on not getting involved in unnecessary drama. It is... well, unnecessary!

9. I want to work on being a support player. And helping others and being generous. <- I'm hoping this will come back to me tenfold. Nah I'm kidding.

10. Remembering that this is a game and I do this for fun! <- This one's a toughie!

Well that's all I got for this year. Happy New Year once again.

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