Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just keep digging...

Okay this is old news, but have you all been over to KI Free Games yet? Its KI's own site where you can play mini games from Wizard101 and win prize codes! Yay! Of course, you can always play Wizardblox on the itouch/iphone (which is what I do), but if you don't have one of those nifty gadgets this is a great way to get some free loot!
There are three different games you can play: Dueling Diego (which I stink at), Sorcery Stones (which I stink at on the computer, I can do it on the ipod for some reason) and Doodle Dug (which I really stink at). I wish I wasn't so bad at Doodle Dug because Fallon put through on twitter:

"@diaryofawizard Tip: To win elixirs from your best bet is Doodle Dug! 25k+ usually gives Damage, Health or Regeneration #wizard101"

When ever I play Dug, I think of The Great Escape. You know, all those tunnels? Well then I start humming the theme song, and quoting some of the more memorable lines ("It's indecently brilliant!") and talking in a funny British accent and cursing Mac for killing Illya, and exclaiming at how cute Bret was. Well all that distraction kind of gets in the way of my concentration.

But if you are good at tunneling you should try it out! You could get some cool stuff!

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