Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Say it with a sign

I guess there shall be double posting today. Oh well. *shrug* Just don't get used to it.

You've probably already heard, but the test realm is up currently for some little things.
Panther mounts are now available for in permanent for 5,000 crowns.
And also they've added these cute little signs with pre-programmed messages for your house!
 They range from 500-1,500 crowns each.
Here are some of the winning phrases:

And of course:

Overall they have very nice options but they are really missing an obious one.
"Don't feed the plants".
Please? A girl's got her Menken & Ashman fangirl needs!
(if you're not farmilar with them-- you are. They did the music for insane things like The Little Mermaid. And if you have not watched that, or one of their other classic disney movies that you did, you are dead to me. DEAD TO ME! Just sayin'.)
I mean... Little Shop is so prime for a KI corny quote!
My Fly Trap garden needs that sign. Really badly.
I think you should all help me pester KI to add that option. Hehe. ~.^


  1. Lol, I was actually surprised by just how many options were available! Of course, we all knew what my favorite would be.

    Btw: Ashley said she saw (unconfirmed) on the load list a "Custom sign gravestone" while the data was d/loading, but I can't verify.



  2. Whoa. Little Shop of Horrors. I thought they were gonna get hit by a car or something!!!
    As for the signs... would totally get them..... if I had crowns!!!! Guess I can always experiment to my hearts content in the TR.

  3. ROFL! I love all your responses to the sign phrases! Great post!


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