Sunday, September 25, 2011

What we do when you're not looking 2.0 or Gaga ooh-la-la!

Some of you probably know that I've been working on a killer PvP (WITH MASSIVE HELP FROM ONE DONNA SPELLTHORN! There I said it, are you happy now?) ring of my own for a while now. Today I finally made it public. 
It's not without it's flaws. Actually it has some major ones. But when I get some time to fuss with it (and some more ingredients for teleporters) I will be working on correcting it.
Thanks everyone for coming out to PvP! I hope you all had some fun.

Here's a behind the scene's look at the construction:


partners in crime

many minions!

minion go bye-bye.



  1. Oh, I didn't know that was your house! :) Thanks for hosting, it was a fun time. The floating vantage points were awesome - made it easier to see past the walls, though I think I still missed some of the players at the bottom of the screen. VERY cool design.

  2. Your gobblers were digging my music I had on ;) Had a blast and it was much fun.

  3. The "Partners in Crime" took my eye lol.-Thunderblade

    (It's a DW episode, Series Four-First Episode.)

  4. I was online at the time of the party, but I think the area must have been full, because the message "You friend is busy" popped up evertime I tried to port....

  5. Katherine: Yes. I shall be addressing some of those issues. It's been bugging me. I need to mess with rugs until I find the perfect spot.

    Paige: Hehe! I'm so glad you came and had fun! Yes the gobblers are very much little monsters.

    Talon: *headdesk* Do you ever not think about Doctor Who? xD

    Malorn: Yeah, so people were having trouble getting in. I don't know what was up with that. I think it's a little buggy. Oh well, I'm going to host a little get together again when I've worked on it some more. :)



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