Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blame it on the Decongestants

That's right I have a intense head cold. I think it's starting to make me rather silly.

Behold the Uggs of the spiral.
I seriously thought about getting everyone Uggs--I mean Santa boots for Holiday gifts, but fortunately my friend talked me out of it.

 I have been working on my winter house Hogmanay Hall.
I have been crafting a few things...
I would give you more of a view, but since Wizard101 is down right now, extrapolate from this picture!
 I also went to Luke' s party. By the by, really nice inside Luke.
Where long PvPing ensued. 
Contrary to Fallon's belief, I have not been practicing with TPC without her knowledge.
I have however, been doing some ranked 1v1, I actually got to Veteran. Which is a big deal for me.
And I have been playing some team stuff in the practice arena, but more on that later.
So for now I shall say Happy Holidays! I didn't get you Uggs.

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  1. I actually just got on to Wizard101 just to get the uggs. ROFL, I love that.


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