Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A question that has been beating around Wizard101 forever is, "Will they put in game mods?" I found this really nice thread on Central that asked this question to KI and here is their response:
Question 6: Mods

Will you ever have in game, moderators? If not why?

Answer 6:

Every single player age 13+ is a moderator. We’ve given our players the ability to report inappropriate chat or behavior, and we encourage you to act responsibly and use this tool. Each and every report is read by a real person, and acted upon accordingly. Egregious or repeated violations of the Terms of Use will result in a permanent account ban and deletion of your characters.

False reports are also not tolerated, and can result in sanctions against the players making the false reports.

We put the power of moderation in the hands of our players; you can make a difference in Wizard101.

They didn't answer the question. "You do it," is basically what they said.

But is it our job? I don't think so, we pay them to make sure that this game is safe, they should be taking care of it.

Now I think that being able to report someone is good and I wouldn't want that to go away, I would like to also have a task force of mods patrolling the commons' as well. I would also love to see some more clear rules about what you can and can not report, I find it very confusing, I don't want to false report anyone!

What do you think?



  1. I found a detailed list of what to report and what not to report. You can find it in the F.A.Q. under Wizard101 Game Questions.

  2. I agree it wouldn't hurt to see Robot Mods in the game that way KI, wouldn't have to fret. Speaking of Central add me here:

  3. To ensure everyone is behaving naturally (and oh boy, human nature gets so far when we think we can get away with it), KI goes undercover in many hot spots to uphold the integrity (family friendly) of the game, just in case we aren't doing those reports.

    They can be on any character, be it a new Lowbie, or a decently dressed Grandmaster. Ian's always reminded me, "you never know who that little Level 8 girl is!"

    Some employees also have their own private accounts that they play on when at home...I'm sure they take notes there too (perhaps there's another edition of Wizard101 where they have mod privileges like booting and banning).

    The issue for KI is being everywhere. With around 100 employees, they are not friends with all 10 Million accounts, so they do rely on us to help *point out* when there's a problem.

    The more reports in a certain area, the more incentive to investigate. But, little individual reports *do* get read as well!


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