Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This was in my inbox this afternoon:


Good news!! Your named item(s) have been restored (please check your backpack (or your bank if the backpack was full))! As a thank you for your patience through this, we've applied an additional 10000 gold to your character as well.

Happy questing!
KingsIsle Support

I logged on checked my back pack and sure enough, there were my wings! Yay! Now I don't have to walk everywhere! And also another Orthrus.
Okay some things I notice off the bat are; a) Wrong name, but that can be easily fixed. b)Distract has been replaced by Big-Check, no big deal I wasn't really attached to distract anyway. c) He has no experience in the bars, that was a bummer. It's a lot of work to get them up. d) Pip Boost has been replaced with Pip O'Plenty. Not cool. Right now my Leprechaun gives me better power pips.

So I have my pet back, but it's totally not the same pet, and I didn't get really anything for compensation. 10,000 gold? I could sell all the junk I got lying around and get more. Last time people got crowns AND a firebat.
(I think what the might be trying to do is squelch the hooligans who are wishing they had lost something so they could get some crowns (I'm sure there are some who falsely reported missing items,). But that's not fair to the people who really did lose items and were inconvenienced by this.)

Wow. I am still in shock really. I was expecting either a happy ending or a tragic one.

Well... to be honest, I didn't expect that this would ever happen again. And I am very disappointed about the way they've handled this one.
Maybe people felt like this the last time too. Maybe this wouldn't have been such a rant-y post if I had only lost my wings. But the reality is I didn't.

As long as we're going for honesty here I might as well tell you that when things like this happen, it makes me want to take my money else where. Its a good thing I like this game. Because if I didn't love it as much as I do, I would be so outta there.



  1. All the lvl 48 pets get Pip o'Plenty now as of the last update, as "one" of their talents - so no pips at all at baby, only once they start levelling up. It's one of the changes I'm less than thrilled with too...

  2. @Sierra: Yeah and if I had got that pet after the update I wouldn't have been suprised. But I didn't get it then. I got it before the update and it was giving me the old 5%, and all of my other 48s are still giving that.

  3. I am so sorry about your Orthrus. Maybe you can ask KI to make the ajustments...

  4. KI, is now adjusting just send a email to KI and support your cause they'll fix it! For me all was done before Update!

  5. Geez I would hate to lose my Orthrus, she is pre pet system! and awesome. No doubt, there are more than "some" wanting/reporting falsely in hopes for free stuff, crowns or otherwise. I think it's great they do give anything, they do not have to do anything at all. All games online are at some type of risk. It is so stated in their policies. Not just Wizard101...


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