Monday, December 27, 2010


Happy second day of Kwanzaa! And late boxing day!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday break! Even if you don't celebrate Christmas it's nice to have a break, eh? :)
Well... Want to hear what I got? Of course you do. Hehe.
I got some really awesome Motown tunes (The Supremes, The Four Tops, The Temptations.) and Paul Simon. I got a book about Jane Austen and tea time... yeah not really sure what thats about quite yet, and the anthology I was published in. I got a cool t-shirt with the planet Venus on it. Oh yeah and a season of Doctor Who, a season of ISpy, and Rear Window. Love that movie. I also got this really spiffy Star Trek calender for 2011! I <3 it! It's so cute!
I got a really fun new board game. I don't think you know this but I love board games! I used to pwn at Monopoly and Clue. My friend got me this one and it's called, "Ticket to Ride: Europe". It kind of reminds me of Castle Risk, but shorter, and with trains! I've beaten my friend two times already. Its really cool and I highly recommend it. :)
I also got a Double wide gift card. FINALLY! Okay, I've been wanting this one forEVER. I'm really liking my griffin mount so far. His name is Chucky. I also have a lot of work to do on my ginormous house. I need to craft a bunch of furniture now.
I got a reeeeeeaaaaaally cool new laptop too! :D It's all black and shiny. The first two things I installed: Itunes and Wizard101. To heck with MS word! I want me some wizards!

Did everyone have a good holiday?



  1. Glad you had a good holiday! lol i'm posting this from my new nook XD

  2. Oh cool! That's the B&N e-reader right? (LOL I read "nook" and all I could think was annoying racoon! xD)

  3. XD Yep it's their e-reader. I don't think we have a neighborhood raccoon, but we do have a possum that likes our backyard.

  4. Happy Holidays to you. Never knew you played board games... Have a great new year's!

  5. Oh yeah I love 'em. :)Card games too. We have epic uno sessions. "CAN'T READ MY UNO FACE!"


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