Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Legendary Medusa

Well yesterday I was able to find the time to procrastinate again, and I got around to beating Talos.
I used a few tips that my friend Arlen suggested. I used a minotaur minion and bought a level 60 life henchmen. The henchmen made all the difference in the world. Although she slowed things down quite a bit by constantly casting blades and traps and triggering Talos' cheater interruptions.

"Die frantic wretch for this accursed deed!"
Oops. My professor spellz reel good. :P

 Medusa is sooooooooo awesome. I. love. her. Although, she's not all that Medusa-y. I mean the whole point of Medusa is that she turns people to stone right? So what's with the swords? It's awesome, it's just not very Medusa.
Oh and I also, like, got to legendary too.
It was rather unremarkable actually. It took me a long time to figure out I had leveled up! Heh.
I still have a ways to go until I finish Celestia though. I think Calypso is the next major boss I've got coming up. Then I start it all over again! I'm going to take Victoria though next. Ra calls me! :D


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