Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A little plug

No not that kind of plug.
I'm here to talk about all the super contests that are going on with House-a-Palooza right now.
Yeah and before you go to sleep on me, hear me out!
You may have looked at the list of houses that are being given away (and  if you haven't, go do that now) and gone "Aw man, there are a bunch of lame old houses on that list." To you I say, don't be to simple minded! Some of the older houses are some of the best! And think about this for a moment; if every one has the 'cool' houses (i.e. MFP, MSP, CL observatory, etc.) then won't your having an unusual house make you more unique and interesting? I mean, who wants to be a copy cat anyway.

"But Heather!" You're saying, "Those houses have a dueling circle!" Okay be honest, how often are you going to use that circle anyway? You need at least one other person to duel with, and if you make the PvP parties argument I can say from experience that it is a lot of work to keep people OUT of those circles. People kind of tend to help themselves without being polite, or asking permission. Well personally I prefer to have fun with my guests instead of wrangling them.

Here are some houses that offer an interesting potential: 
Isaac is giving away the Oasis Camp. I entered this one! I haven't seen this house done very often, because of it's interesting structure. But I think it has a lot of cool features!
Valerian is giving away the Tranquil Cottage. You know how much I love a Japanese house. This house would be a great mini version of something like what I've done in my MFP.
Paige is giving away the Royal Playhouse. This was the first house I ever got and it remains one of my all time favorites. Not too big, not too small. I also did a bit of a zen/mooshu/Japanese theme in it.
Kestrel is giving away the Wooded Cottage. It comes with Doug the Unicorn. 'Nuff said.
Jessica is giving away the Great Citadels. I can think of no better place for an evil lair. Or you could work against type and make it this really posh, fancy house that some really nice people would live in.
We on the Petnome Team are giving away the Island Getaway. It's a really cool house that I have spent a lot of time with friends in. It's like your own personal Indiana Jones adventure... with a beach!

So I encourage you all to go and enter ALL of the contests! If you do, maybe Mr. Weasley could be persuaded to part with some of his plugs....

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