Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Here's just a little status update because I couldn't even stand how deep and wordy this blog has become!
I beat Wysteria in an afternoon! Yay! I personally like Wysteria a lot.
Then I went on a Helephant tower run with some friends, but Wizard101 crashed at the final boss! That was not fun. But we did it again the next day and finished it off. 
Our team and Headmistress Belladonna Crisp and a random dude
 Yesterday I decided to get the funny new badge Napoleon Complex.

You know I love my Time Bandits quotations!
While on the one hand it might be considered as referring to Napoleon Bonaparte, it could just as likely be referring to Napoleon Solo! I am inclined to believe the latter.
The "Napoleon Complex" is an established phenomena where you daydream about becoming a suave spy on the side of goodness, with razor sharp wit, a cool name, a great tailor, and a very wry Russian side-kick. 


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