Saturday, March 31, 2012

Please Hold

My internet of fail suddenly decided that Wizard101 was the root of all evil and that I should be banned from both the game and the website. Needless to say this has made me very grumpy.
In the meanwhile, I'll try and figure out why my internet is messing with my mind, and you can ooh and ahh at my super cool new robe I got when I became commander a couple days ago!

Alright, maybe it isn't that exciting for everyone else. But I am so excited to have this robe. I've been admiring them since I joined the game! I now officially look like a "cool kid" or some one who "knows what they're doing"! I could not be happier!

Also don't forget to enter my little contest (everyone has a shot at the prize!) which ends on April 2nd.  You could win Magma Peas! Which are crowns seeds and will give you mega snacks. They are very nice I have several myself.

Hopefully, nothing TOO awesome will happen whilst I cannot get into the game. 
P.S. Yes. I know that I've just jinxed it.

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