Saturday, March 24, 2012

Show Me the Onion Domes

If you thought I was referring to a tasty snack, alas no.
I was referring to the architectural wonder, the onion dome.
Why am I mentioning onion rings--uh domes! and making everyone hungry? I'll come straight to the point. I would like a world in Wizard101 that is based on Russia. 
We could have really awesome onion domed houses, and sleighs that take us from area to area like in Krokotopia and Zafaria with the boats. We could have fur trimmed outfits with large hats, fur lined hoods, huge boots, and those double breasted tunics that cowboys also wear! 
Not only would we get a great looking world, eastern europe is full of wonderful folklore and mythology. Not to mention all of the real legendary battles, history, and art! 
In order to keep it in line with Marelybone's story line it would have to be imperial Russia, that is when the Tzars ruled, almost at the end of their reign. (Right when Anton Chekov was around!!! Ahem. But they don't have to do that.) Actually this is perfect timing because there was so much wonderful art being created at this time and the whole empire was starting to become unsettled and uneasy. Just perfect. Oooh! KI why haven't you done this yet!? It's so perfect.


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