Monday, April 11, 2011

The House of Raven

I have a friend that plays Wizard101. He currently has gotten all the characters in his charge up to legendary.
If there is one thing he hates about Wizard101 it's the level 58 outfits.
We both agree that they look like a romulan outfit.
(Resemblance? I think so.)
Well since romulans aren't known for their fashion sense, my friend asked me to find some outfits that he could stitch his 58 clothes into.
Since I love the outfits in wizard101 I said, "sounds groovy" and designed four (if I must say so myself) smashing outfits for his characters.  
The House of Raven presents --
" f e d e r a t i o n "
spring collection
men's wear

I no longer have to edit my friends out of screenies. This can only be a good thing.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


Nevermore will I be able to call Lenora little.
Because yesterday, she faced Malistaire, and with a big "OH SNAP!" defeated him.
But then she had to go do some stinkin' side quests. How come I never level up at Mali?

But she leveled up really quickly. WHAM!

So now when she randomly stands around in the pet hatchery, she looks awesome!

I can see her hair! It's been so long...


Friday, April 8, 2011

"It's Dead Jim!"

My wizard101 life has been kind of dead for the last four weeks. Why? Well...

WARNING: Reading this explanation may make readers confused, be-muddled, or ticklish. Excessive use of the word "like" follows. First I was like so overwhelmed with schoolwork, I had so much work it was like I was a week behind but actually I was ahead. Then I got to write a really awesome paper that required watching excessive amounts of awesome people run around and be awesome. And Dr. Strangelove. Then I was like "Hey! Twelve pages isn't enough!" So then I got super sick. I mean like, I couldn't even play wizard101, sick. It was nasty. Then all of my family got it. Then we're all wheezing, and I'm trying to pick what to take next quarter. And my schedule is like, "Oh you only get ten days for break. Word." Nice. And because I want to be a superstar someday, I was trying to sing and not cough all over everyone. Then I'm like, "woot! In a musical with hyper people! Yay?" So we all started feeling better, and I was all into Moshi Monsters. That game is too cute for itself. Then my brother and I were sitting in front of the television going "what do you wanna watch. I dunno..." and I randomly put on Bonanza, and then we became like totally obsesed. We agreed that if we were in Bonanza I would have a Appaloosa, and he would have a blue roan. Then I would not shut up with the quote from M*A*S*H*: "it's got the three things that make a movie great. Horses. Cowboys. And Horses." But now I've moved on to randomly blurting out "WINDMILLS!" Much to my brother's chagrin. Then I was like, whatever happened to my life on the Herinteractive forums? Huh? So I revamped my sig shop over there. And I was so happy because I really like it over there. It's really controlled, so it's sorta limiting, but there isn't a lot of drama. And I'm writing an alternative ending to Trail of the Twister! It's really epic. Then I was really in a creative writing phase, and also a hound dog my brother and make him listen to my writing phase as well. Then he got all bored and decided to go off and watch James Bond. And meanwhile the quarter was starting and I was starting to freak out about all that good stuff. And I was learning all about Japan, and I was like "Hey look! A torii!" Then I went out and got an episode of an old television show where they go to a Shinto shrine, and kept pausing and going: "OOh, shimenawa! Buddhist influence. Get out of the way, I want to see the front of that building!" And then in my other class I learned that I am not really a raging feminist, which I find surprising. And yesterday I learned how to tango. And learned that you're supposed to bring sensible shoes to change out of when you're finished dancing. UH! If we had been spying I would have been so on it, but dancing? puh-lease. Then I was all like: "Adam is so cool! He's the smart one!" And my brother was like: "He's just an extension of Pa." And I rebutted: "Yeah, therefore he's awesome because Pa is awesome." And I learned how to play Crambo, which I also learned is really hard. Rhymes with "bat", only like twenty words! Geez! Then I was reminded of how much Simon and Garfunkel rock my socks off. And nobody wanted to watch Stagecoach with me. Sad panda face. WINDMILLS.

So yeah I think I'm going to be working on Wizard101 a bit more. You've probably noticed the "mount-a-palooza". And the roaming mounts. And the pets. Frog. Pet. Where. 58? I DON'T KNOW!

I have only one question. What is this totally freaking awesomely amazing pet, and where can I get my hands on one for me?
 I leave you with this profound thought:
"You can fool all of the people some of the time,
and some of the people all of the time,
and those are very good odds."