The Wandering Conjurer 
the adventures of a girl and her gobbler

About Me:
I have been playing Wizard101 since March 2009. I have played as myth, life, death, storm, fire, balance wizards at high levels. I love to write, so I guess blogging about my addiction adventures in Wizard101 was a natural progression. I have been blogging about my Wizard101 adventures since October 2009, I am also a member of Diary of a Wizard Connect X, and I have been Twittering for a while too (yes, I know it's actually 'Tweeting' but 'twittering' is more discriptive,). I love chocolate, cheesecake, old mystery novels, vintage film and television, origami, and writing fan-fictions. Find us now on Livestream!

Second Place in the very first BMC
Former Petnome Project Team Member
Winner of the Great Gobbler Giveaway (good tip)