Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Ring on the Pet Tree of Life

I was helping my friend try out Wizard101 the other day, moving some gear from other characters into the shared bank for her, when I started thinking about pets. It's really nice to have a powerful, stats enhanced, spritely every other minute kind of pet when you're playing as a level 3 in Unicorn Way. As I moved a pet into the shared bank for her it struck me how my love for all things Red Gobbler has permeated its way into my real life friends' and family's accounts. We really do have gobblers coming out of our ears. It's time that I clean up some of the more disastrous failed hatches, and just get over it and delete them already.
So as I was looking for pockets of gobblers scattered around a dozen shared banks and attics, I noticed how many different types of pets we actually had. From Aqua Dragons to Zombies, I counted them up, spread over my wizards I had over 135 different types of pets. That's a huge number! Particularly since I have multiples of most of those. But what I think is even cooler is that the pets I've collected are like the rings on a tree.

They span across the four years (my wizaversary was in March) I've played and tell the story of my relationship with Wizard101. I still have the my very first pet ever. It is a Unicorn pet named Queen Ellie. Actually the reason I decided to try Wizard101 was because you could have a UNICORN PET. Hello! That's awesome. Then there is the Krok pet Lord Winston I had for most of Krokotopia until I got my very first pet drop, Evil Snowman, in Marleybone. I recalled the hours I had farmed with friends (lots of them don't even play anymore) and the great times we had. This is taking a schmaltzy turn-- my point is, that I don't see some of the freaking awesome pets around anymore. Needless to say this makes me sad. So I encourage you-- yes you! To think about playing with some of the 'old school' pets. I mean, who doesn't want an epic SPUDF Ianthine Spectre, or Mustard Troll? Hmmm? Crazy people that's who!

You officially have my permission to ask your friends, random people, and me if they have any old school pets they'd be willing to hatch with. I also am totally willing to help out anyone who asks with some hatching assistance. Leave me a comment, or better yet sent me a tweet (@HeatherRavenWiz) and we can hopefully find a time and pet to hatch.

For you people who already have your Mega Death Cyclops. I virtually high-five you. You are awesome.

What's your favorite pet that you consider 'old school'?


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