Monday, January 17, 2011


I'm sorry for not posting guys and gals. I'd really like to be spending more time this way, but I simply cannot! Heeeeeeeelp! Heeeeeeelp! I'm drowning in homework!
Well anyway, today when I was logging in to take care of my plants, I saw this:
GASP! ...I need more crowns now.
But I bit the bullet and bought the Ninja Pig suit I've been drooling over since I saw it two Halloweens ago.

So now I have 92 crowns left.
Epic. Ness.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Guide to Common Acronyms and Phrases

Why I'm making this I have no idea, because you can find one of these practically everywhere. I dunno, maybe I felt that because I had such a hard time with all the lingo when I first entered the spiral I should help out other people who might not understand. Well anyway, here goes!

PLOX = Peace, Loot or Experience (XP). More commonly known in the spiral as Pets, Loot or XP.
LOL = Laughing out loud/Lots of laughs a general display of laughter and enjoyment.
ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing.
IDK = I don't know.
IKR = I know right!
IMO = In my opinion.
IMHO = In my humble opinion. Or, In my honest opinion.
AFK = Away from keyboard.
BRB = Be right back. Could be you leaving your computer or you leaving momentarily in game.
MIA = Missing in action.
ITS = In the spiral. Logging/logged onto Wizard101.
ITO = In the office.
TR = Test realm.
TP = Training points. No really. STOP LAUGHING!
TTYL = Talk to you later.
TTFN = Ta Ta for now.
WB = Welcome back.
TY = Thank you.
THNX/THX = Thanks.
YW = Your welcome.
NP = No problem.
AOE = Area of Effect, a spell that effects all enemies.
DOT = Damage over time, a spell that does damage over multiple rounds.
PVP = Player versus player.
PVE = Play versus environment. When your playing against the game.
WC = Wizard City.
KT = Krokotopia.
Krok = Krokotopia.
MB = Marleybone.
MS = Mooshu.
DS = Dragonspyre.
CL = Celestia.
WS = Wysteria.
ZF = Zafaria.
ToS or TotS = Trial of Spheres, the final dungeon in Celestia.
GM = Grandmaster.
LG = Legendary.
OJ = Orange Juice.

If you've got any other good one's to add that I've overlooked just comment and I'll put it in. :) (But only if it's appropriate guys.)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tour of Kestrel's Krokotopia House

I mentioned making a tour of Kestrel's house ages ago, and yesterday I finally got around to making it.
WARNING: The following video contains blathering, which made cause a serious case of the giggles by viewers.

Well I hope you enjoyed it. Or at least got a laugh out of me blathering on. That's good too.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just keep digging...

Okay this is old news, but have you all been over to KI Free Games yet? Its KI's own site where you can play mini games from Wizard101 and win prize codes! Yay! Of course, you can always play Wizardblox on the itouch/iphone (which is what I do), but if you don't have one of those nifty gadgets this is a great way to get some free loot!
There are three different games you can play: Dueling Diego (which I stink at), Sorcery Stones (which I stink at on the computer, I can do it on the ipod for some reason) and Doodle Dug (which I really stink at). I wish I wasn't so bad at Doodle Dug because Fallon put through on twitter:

"@diaryofawizard Tip: To win elixirs from your best bet is Doodle Dug! 25k+ usually gives Damage, Health or Regeneration #wizard101"

When ever I play Dug, I think of The Great Escape. You know, all those tunnels? Well then I start humming the theme song, and quoting some of the more memorable lines ("It's indecently brilliant!") and talking in a funny British accent and cursing Mac for killing Illya, and exclaiming at how cute Bret was. Well all that distraction kind of gets in the way of my concentration.

But if you are good at tunneling you should try it out! You could get some cool stuff!

Friday, January 7, 2011

To Jessica:

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Jessica-- Happy birthday to you!"
I think all I have to say is summed up nicely by porky.
Okay minus the blowing up part. xD
Thanks for getting me into blogging, and continuing to have one of the best Wizard101 blogs out there.
(Oh and by the way you can't say that everyone always forgets your birthday, I remembered last year! Remember?)
Thanks for being such an awesome friend. I hope you have a fantastic birthday and a superb year!
Much love,

Not a flashlight

I really like the new spyglass wand design in Celestia. That and the cutlasses! So epic!
So of course when I got to level 55, I went to the bazaar and bought a Insightful Spyglass.
Oh I really liked it.
Then one day I was playing with my friends and we had just finished a battle and we were chatting. Well one of my friends looked at me and said, "Oh look! A flashlight!" 
... *facepalm*
It's not a flashlight, its a spyglass!
It's a spyglass. Spyglasses are cool.
So I was sitting there suffering, no one realized the true awesomeness of my wand. *sob*
So I decided to craft a new one.
Yes I said craft. You can get wand recipes on the Floating Land in Celestia.
They are actually rather lame wands. They do less damage, have less critical rating, and don't have the sparkle that the dropped wands do. Actually the first time I saw them I thought, well that is stupid. Who is going to spend a ton of time and reagents for a wand that is lame-er than the wands you can easily farm for or buy at the bazaar? The people who want their wands to be recognized as a spyglass and not a flashlight I guess.
Spyglass FTW. 
So now I have a wand that is most definitely a spyglass. Yay! I feel better now...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Death Ninja and Dragonspyre

After overcoming my Dragonspyre block, I have started working on Lenora again (whom I refer to in my head as "the death ninja" because of her cat/ninja mask she wore throughout Mooshu).
Well yesterday I zoomed through the Tower Archives, and got all the glow sticks glowin'.

Then we zipped over to the Plaza. Or as I like to say "DAS PLAZA!" I don't really know why but the German accent seems to really work there. My brain is so random some times.
 In "DAS PLAZA", Laszlo gave Lenora the experience she needed to level up! Yay! So now she's 45, the level of fashion disaster. Although Lenora doesn't look too bad.
I think that butt-kickin' sword and epic pet have something to do with it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So Crafty

If you've ever tried crafting beyond Krokotopia, you probably have encountered every crafter's bane. Black Lotus. It's evil. Pure and simple. The problem is that you often need it for crafting quests. Or for something really cool that you want to craft. Well unless you're going to drop thousands of gold at the bazaar sniping them whenever you can find them, you're probably going to resort to farming for them. "Where do I go?" you're asking (or maybe you're singing if you're familiar with Hair). Well it just so happens that I have my very own top-secret black lotus farming route! Today it becomes top-secret no longer! Because I'm going to share it with all of you my readers. Yeah, not sure how wise this is, but I'm doing it anyway.

This route takes place in the Tatakai Outpost a long time ago in a Galaxy far, far---oh wait. That's Star Wars.

Well there you have it. I have relieved my greatest crafting secret to you. Use it wisely young wizard.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Greenhouse Effect

I don't know where you keep you're garden, but personally I'm keeping mine in the greenhouse in my Royal Estate (the big MB house).
I have learned a few things about making this space more efficient.
Use pots not plots.
When you make a plot (of whatever size) in your greenhouse rows, you only have enough room for one row.
Like so:
Silver Trumpet Vines, in medium sized plots.
 However, you're greenhouse rows actually have room enough for two side-by-side pots!
Like so:
Two empty medium pots.
This is also true of the small sized pots as well.  
Pink Dandelions in small pots.
Of course if you want to be really efficient you'll arrange you're pots in a hexagon or something. I haven't really explored that yet. For now, keeping my garden confined to my greenhouse is just right for me.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Keep it cool

Have I mentioned lately how much I like my ice wizard, Darby?
I mean, look at her!
She's so cute!

Well, except for when Gloria gives her ugly clothes... 

I really like playing ice. This whole not dieing thing--rocks.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trashing Treasure Cards

If you're like me, you don't use treasure cards all that much.
The occasional Satyr when you're in trouble and you don't have one in your hand is about all the usage your treasure card deck gets.
Well now with gardening and Celestia, we're getting a lot more treasure cards.
In fact I keep maxing out my treasure card deck (or if you want to call it by it's proper name: "vault").
Well you can get rid of treasure cards you aren't using a couple different ways. First off, you can go to the Bazaar and sell them. You can only see non-enchanted cards though. Not really practical if you have a lot of enchanted ones. If you have a lot of enchanted ones or ones you cannot sell at the Bazaar like moon treasure cards, you'll have to  "trash" them. You can do this by right clicking on the card...
 ...then a little window will pop up asking you to confirm.
You can rid yourself of all your unwanted, unused treasure cards and Harold Argleston's face popping up every time you get a new treasure card.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Children of the Resolutions

New Years resolutions. Can't live with 'em. Can't live... Well I could live without 'em, but anyway. My resolutions! Here they are (the in-game ones, you probably don't want to hear all my boring real-life goals) in no particular order:

1. Spend a week without using text-chat. <- Why? Because I can. It's good to step into other people's shoes. I think might blog these adventures too.

2. Finish decorating my MFP. <- This will take forever. Can I complete my house in only one year?!

3. Hold a huge party in my completed MFP. <- Sounds easy, but is much harder than you think. I've had little success hosting events in the past. Maybe I'll be able to actually hold a real party this time.

4. Get another one of my wizards to legendary. <- This will probably be Victoria. Or maybe Kestrel. I dunno I really love Ra so I'll most likely be working on Vicky. Yes I call her "Vicky" in my head. I'm just typing it this time.

5. Get another of my wizards to Grandmaster. <- 99% sure this will be Lenora. She's already 44. I just have to get over my Dragonspyre block.

6. At least start crafting a Watch Tower Hall. <- I love this house. I really do! I am just really intimidated by all the work it will be. Crafting one stepping stone does count as starting. I am banking on that.

7. Continue to work on always being as polite as I can to the other people in the game. <- Yeah... do unto others... and all that jazz...

8. Work on keeping my mouth shut when people are out to bug other players. <- Yeah. Ahem. I need to work on not getting involved in unnecessary drama. It is... well, unnecessary!

9. I want to work on being a support player. And helping others and being generous. <- I'm hoping this will come back to me tenfold. Nah I'm kidding.

10. Remembering that this is a game and I do this for fun! <- This one's a toughie!

Well that's all I got for this year. Happy New Year once again.