Monday, January 10, 2011

Guide to Common Acronyms and Phrases

Why I'm making this I have no idea, because you can find one of these practically everywhere. I dunno, maybe I felt that because I had such a hard time with all the lingo when I first entered the spiral I should help out other people who might not understand. Well anyway, here goes!

PLOX = Peace, Loot or Experience (XP). More commonly known in the spiral as Pets, Loot or XP.
LOL = Laughing out loud/Lots of laughs a general display of laughter and enjoyment.
ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing.
IDK = I don't know.
IKR = I know right!
IMO = In my opinion.
IMHO = In my humble opinion. Or, In my honest opinion.
AFK = Away from keyboard.
BRB = Be right back. Could be you leaving your computer or you leaving momentarily in game.
MIA = Missing in action.
ITS = In the spiral. Logging/logged onto Wizard101.
ITO = In the office.
TR = Test realm.
TP = Training points. No really. STOP LAUGHING!
TTYL = Talk to you later.
TTFN = Ta Ta for now.
WB = Welcome back.
TY = Thank you.
THNX/THX = Thanks.
YW = Your welcome.
NP = No problem.
AOE = Area of Effect, a spell that effects all enemies.
DOT = Damage over time, a spell that does damage over multiple rounds.
PVP = Player versus player.
PVE = Play versus environment. When your playing against the game.
WC = Wizard City.
KT = Krokotopia.
Krok = Krokotopia.
MB = Marleybone.
MS = Mooshu.
DS = Dragonspyre.
CL = Celestia.
WS = Wysteria.
ZF = Zafaria.
ToS or TotS = Trial of Spheres, the final dungeon in Celestia.
GM = Grandmaster.
LG = Legendary.
OJ = Orange Juice.

If you've got any other good one's to add that I've overlooked just comment and I'll put it in. :) (But only if it's appropriate guys.)


  1. Trial of Spheres-TotS
    TC=treasure card
    IMHO=in my honest opinion

  2. Cool Heather!
    wb=welcome back
    and what about definitions for stuff like this ^-^ and o.O
    that would be useful!

  3. Thanks guys! I updated it with some suggestions and a few more I thought of.

    @Christo: I didn't add in OMG because you cannot say it in plain ol' text chat, and some people do find it unpleasant.

    @Anon: Thank you! Since I personally suck at smilies, I think it would be better to let someone else tackle them. :)

  4. @heather I understand, I personally don't use it and my mom does not let me. Some people do use it so I thought I might suggest it. I am glad i am not the only person here who dose not use it. I did not know you could not use it in text chat. I thought of some that are not in here, FYI (for your intimation) and instead of omg, you could use BB (by bartalby (is that spelled right)) or OM (oh my). One more NG (not good) some of these you can't use in-game if I remember right.


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