Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Here's just a little status update because I couldn't even stand how deep and wordy this blog has become!
I beat Wysteria in an afternoon! Yay! I personally like Wysteria a lot.
Then I went on a Helephant tower run with some friends, but Wizard101 crashed at the final boss! That was not fun. But we did it again the next day and finished it off. 
Our team and Headmistress Belladonna Crisp and a random dude
 Yesterday I decided to get the funny new badge Napoleon Complex.

You know I love my Time Bandits quotations!
While on the one hand it might be considered as referring to Napoleon Bonaparte, it could just as likely be referring to Napoleon Solo! I am inclined to believe the latter.
The "Napoleon Complex" is an established phenomena where you daydream about becoming a suave spy on the side of goodness, with razor sharp wit, a cool name, a great tailor, and a very wry Russian side-kick. 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Autumn Leaf Falls

I am a sentimentalist. And a romantic (A deadly combination I assure you). So when I heard that Autumn was archiving Homework in a Graveyard, and that she was retiring from the Wizard101 blogdom, I became very sentimental. I could go on about how I've always admired her blog, and how many good times I've spent as the result of her kindness and ingenuity. But a picture's worth a thousand words.

So if you a newer to the community or the Wizard101 blogdom, take a minute to check out HiaG. Pursue the archives. It is one of the best wizard101 blogs ever created. I bow down to Basil. And never forget, TENURE FOR DORGWYN!

Friday, August 19, 2011

On How KI Drives Me Cuckoo for Cocoa-Puffs Some Days

Yes this is going to be a rant, but I have constructive criticism and specific complaints!

I have three things. Number one: The new pet display page (hotkey I).
Old display

New display
Okay besides the fact that it looks totally janky, there is no way you can convince me that having to click over to view the derby talents and then back to the 'regular' talents is more functional. I mean, why did they even mess with it in the first place? I can see no good here. So... I'd like the old one back please!

Number two: The Wyvern's Hoard Pack.
The one and only pack I have bought

Okay so when the Dragon's Hoard came out a while back I busted almost 2,000 crowns (all I had) on them. I did not get what I was really after, which was that awesome sword, or anything else that I deemed either cool or useful. I watched my friends spend huge amounts of crowns trying to get the items they wanted. It made me really glad that I had a limited amount of crowns to spend. I think adding a feature like this into the game is not .... healthy. If any of you can remember WAY back to when there was the big backlash over wishing wells (Here's a TFN post talking a little bit about it) well I was painfully reminded of that when DH packs came out. The only difference is the fixed price and the way they package it. Basically it's gambling. It's like buying a lottery ticket. You know there is a jackpot, but will the odds turn in your favor? Eventually you can continue buying lottery tickets and then you'll have more and more chances of getting the jackpot. You aren't guaranteed anything but spending money. Who's the one winning? KI! Right. They want to make money, that's reasonable, they are a company and it's part of how you keep the game running. But there are alternatives. What they could do is have a DH or WH pack and then offer select items from the pack in the crowns shop so someone who just wanted that really cool sword, or bone dragon mount could get it. But of course at some expensive cost, so that the DH/WH packs would still be appealing. "Ooh I have a chance of getting something for only 399 crowns instead of 7,500! I guess I'll buy one!" But obviously they don't want to do that. They want to make as much money as possible with the DH/WH pack system. (I seriously hope they prove me wrong here.) Also did anyone else notice that they, just happened to not release it on the test realm, they saved that surprise for live? Are they so worried that they will get so much backlash that they won't even let people test this feature?
Well until something gives here there will be no more Wyvern's Hoard packs in Heatherville. Because as the old saying goes: "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

Number three: No new houses.
This makes me sad mostly in combination with the other two things. "A janky pet display and a new gambling pack, and NO HOUSES! WHAAAAAA! D': " I know I wasn't the only one who thought that they were going to be coming out with this update. I would have liked to have had them with this as well because Wysteria is so short it would have been nice to have something else to do (but no, we got WH packs to spend time on instead. xD).

If you've gotten this far you're probably saying to yourself, "Well Heather what in the heckhound do you like?" I really do like Wysteria. I plan to hang out there a lot. :) And I also like that the teleporters are available to craft and to buy for crowns! I was very pleased with that decision. I like crafting so I can just craft them, but they are available to all people (not just GM artisans who have access to Celestia) to use them! Yay! Fun with teleporters for all!

Okay now I'm off to enjoy the new world of Wysteria. End rant.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A little plug

No not that kind of plug.
I'm here to talk about all the super contests that are going on with House-a-Palooza right now.
Yeah and before you go to sleep on me, hear me out!
You may have looked at the list of houses that are being given away (and  if you haven't, go do that now) and gone "Aw man, there are a bunch of lame old houses on that list." To you I say, don't be to simple minded! Some of the older houses are some of the best! And think about this for a moment; if every one has the 'cool' houses (i.e. MFP, MSP, CL observatory, etc.) then won't your having an unusual house make you more unique and interesting? I mean, who wants to be a copy cat anyway.

"But Heather!" You're saying, "Those houses have a dueling circle!" Okay be honest, how often are you going to use that circle anyway? You need at least one other person to duel with, and if you make the PvP parties argument I can say from experience that it is a lot of work to keep people OUT of those circles. People kind of tend to help themselves without being polite, or asking permission. Well personally I prefer to have fun with my guests instead of wrangling them.

Here are some houses that offer an interesting potential: 
Isaac is giving away the Oasis Camp. I entered this one! I haven't seen this house done very often, because of it's interesting structure. But I think it has a lot of cool features!
Valerian is giving away the Tranquil Cottage. You know how much I love a Japanese house. This house would be a great mini version of something like what I've done in my MFP.
Paige is giving away the Royal Playhouse. This was the first house I ever got and it remains one of my all time favorites. Not too big, not too small. I also did a bit of a zen/mooshu/Japanese theme in it.
Kestrel is giving away the Wooded Cottage. It comes with Doug the Unicorn. 'Nuff said.
Jessica is giving away the Great Citadels. I can think of no better place for an evil lair. Or you could work against type and make it this really posh, fancy house that some really nice people would live in.
We on the Petnome Team are giving away the Island Getaway. It's a really cool house that I have spent a lot of time with friends in. It's like your own personal Indiana Jones adventure... with a beach!

So I encourage you all to go and enter ALL of the contests! If you do, maybe Mr. Weasley could be persuaded to part with some of his plugs....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Guidance for Gobblers 101

As you trudge your way to Cyrus Drake's classroom you ask yourself three questions. 1. Why you have to do 'trust building' exercises with your classmates? Surely you don't need to really know each other. If you both just ignore each other, that should work out great! 2. What kind of stuff you'll be doing? You pray to Bartleby for no trust falls, or blindfolded walks through Kensington park. 3. Why the Headmaster made Cyrus Drake school counselor anyway?
As you file into the large, deceptively cheerful classroom, you join your other classmates in the banks of desks. Patiently you wait for Professor Drake to appear. No one talks, and the sense of impending doom weighs heavily on the room.
You are about to pull out your notebook and quietly practice stunning the purple-haired kid in front of you, who you remembered beat you at PvP last week, but just then Professor Drake walks in. Sneering at no one in particular, but more the world at large, he settles himself behind his desk. With a smug expression on his face he begins, "You are all here, because you seem to require extra attention. You seek it constantly with your shenanigans, and now..." he paused for effect, "you have my full attention." There was an uncomfortable silence as everyone awaited their attention, but dared not seek it. "So today I am going to give you the advice of someone who is older, wiser, and cleverer than yourself." With a wave of his wand, writing began to appear on the blackboard. Success, Happiness, Joy: Stop being the baboons you are inside and pretend like you care!
Quickly you and all of your classmates scribble down the title in their notebooks.
"You will copy down the following for preparation for a practical examination in the following weeks of guidance," drawled Professor Drake. More words started appearing on the blackboard. Drake leaned back in his chair and began reading a giant spell book that looked hundreds of years old, as if it were the latest edition of Wizard Weekly.
1. Be nice to people, even if you don't like them because interacting with people is an unavoidable hazard of life. Get used to it. You grumble to yourself wondering why he couldn't practice a little of what he preaches.
2. Making people feel bad is only empowering temporarily. Just like the spell Empower, of the death school, by making yourself bigger (or your pips) in the long run you are damaging yourself, and you will end up feeling as slimy as humongofrog barf. You wish he could have used a different choice of words since you were skipping lunch break to keep this counseling appointment, and you're already feeling a bit queasy.
3. Careful what you say, because you never know who might be listening. I had a girlfriend once, and my brother kept -- you skip to the end of the paragraph, since you have no desire to hear about Professor Drake's personal life. -- and that how I ended up being bald. Just because my girlfriend heard something she was never meant to, and that had very little to do with her indeed. 
4. Don't eat massive amounts of garlic chicken and onions before entering a battle with other students. This is a fast way to lose your study group. Would he stop talking about food!
5. Keep in mind that while your studies at Ravenwood are important they are not the only thing that exists in the world. In fact there are many other noble callings. But get this punks, you drop out and you'll never get a job in the spiral, and you'll end up peddling phony potions on the corner of Digdown and Hydrant Way!  You feel that the described situation couldn't possibly be worse than what he had in store for you if you failed the practical. (Who gives an examination for counseling anyway?!)
And so young baboons students of the spiral. I hope you have with this session you have learned how to better interact with other students and members of the spiral. We will be meeting again soon. I expect you to practice the techniques provided here. If you are finished copying this message. LEAVE. And don't slam the spiral door on your way out!
Without wasting another second  you scoop up your notebook, jam it into your backpack, and as if Malistare himself were after you, you sprint out of the class room.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pride and Prejudice or First Impressions

If you haven't heard already, the Test Realm has been loaded up with new content for levels 25 and up!
So I logged on this morning, and my first impression was....
"If KI gets sued by JKR, we'll all know why..." I think this is the closest they've come to the Harry Potter stories. The "spiral cup", rival schools, an epic tournament. Everyone agrees. Why not just throw in a Dan Radcliffe voice over and call it good!
Ahem. Second impression...
Houston, Houston, we have bunnies.
 Third impression...
I love the way Wysteria looks. 

KI gives us some hints at new worlds.
She looks rather Free Realms-y to me.

Squeeeeeee! Can I come to your house over the summer! PLEASE?
Apparently we're really stupid if we think that putting our class ring in a chest of drawers in the public dormitory is going to a good safe spot to keep it. 
When this gets stolen, I won't be surprised.
We're voting Merle off the island. 
 And Cyrus...

Oh so this is why they call it Pegasus Place...

A cat librarian totally pwns.
He's rather nice too.

Okay where's the registrar's office. I need to look at your transfer paperwork...
Yes! I'd even wear that darn uniform! Sign me up!
And that's the truth.