Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Ballot

As the season gets crisper and the smell of fall is in the air, the students of Ravenwood start thinking of the fall student teacher elections, and the new student body president elections.
Some people are quick to nominate themselves and their closest friends and favorite bloggers, and others like to wait until closer to nominate and try not to leave out any of their friends.
I love this time of year. I love to see how people react under pressure.
How do they promote themselves? What do they said to sway the voters?
It's almost as fun as running!

Which leads me into my main point. This spring/summer when I, ahem, lost, I swore vengeance and a crushing victory in the fall!
Well folks, I regret to say that this fall I will not be running for Student Teacher or Student Body President.
I do, however have a few good reasons why that I thought you'd like to know.
My main reason is school and campaigning don't mix. Yeah, I feel like right now I have to focus on my school work and I wouldn't be able to give the election the attention I want to. Because I am very serious about having a blast with it!
A couple other reasons are due to the fact that Mr. Wolf Redfist, who runs the elections, changed the rules this fall.
First off if elected as a Student Teacher, you have to be a moderator for the school forum on Diary of a Wizard and you must write a guide for your school. Well I think that's fine and dandy, but again, I don't have the time to do that sort of thing right now.
And finally, and I think most important, you have to be a grandmaster in order to run for Student Teacher and Student Body President. Of course I'm not effected by that rule, but I am not really keen on it. Why do they have to be a grand? I know some really awesome players who are not grand masters who I would vote for over a ton of grandmasters. I can name two right off the bat. Destiny and Jessica. Why can't they be nominated? I want everyone to be a part of the fun!

Well okay thanks for listening, or reading really, my big long explaination.
DON'T vote for Heather! :D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jeeper's Creepers!

Today we welcome Cody the Creeper to the list of pets.
Cody the Creeper... Might have to change that name...

And as it is tradition, here is a little ditty to go along. I hope you like it! :)
I couldn't find the Lawrence Welk version. Awwww. Oh well, maybe next time! ;)

Friday, September 24, 2010

First you take the grapes, and you smash 'em

Yesterday I spent a lovely afternoon with Kevin, Cheryl, Cassandra, and Mr. Oyotomi.
It didn't take to long to accumulate the funds for a little hatching. I sent out a tweet and very soon had paired up with the very awesome Mythspent Youth.
Satyr and Hydra combined to create a shiny new "Wanderer"!
Which is really a Satyr who looks like some one dunked him in grape jelly and now he is stained purple.

Meet Pebbles the Wanderer!
I'm hoping he gets spritely! :D

Here's a little song Pebbles likes to sing. All the time.  He won't stop singing it. It's starting to get really old.
Anyway here it is!
You heart breaker.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fortune Cookie

You find a fortune cookie on the ground.
It is inside one of those cellophane wrappers, so it looks safe to eat.
Since you never eat anything ever, you are starving and decide to eat it.
You break open the cookie and the fortune says . . .
Miss Lenora is now level 35 which means a new outfit!
She's a Death-Ninja!
Fear her, piggies. She's gonna getcha.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Long Time Ago In a Spiral Far, Far Away...

Forget Selena, this quest is all about Star Wars!
Oh please! Stop with the jokes!
We first see her as a hologram apparition.
No, seriously. Stop with the corny jokes.

Okay now to jump off a cliff into water and visit the crab king!
Is it just me or is this a little messed up?

Jasper is my favorite swimmer surfer!
After a beautiful wedding ceremony, which was so lovely it would have been a shame to break up,
the crab king and queen danced all night long at the reception.
I grudgingly joined in for a few minutes.
Okay, that's enough of that!

I went home and tucked away my new statue.
IF the Wandering Conjurer Players ever put on "Selena Gomez: the Musical" I'm sure this will come in handy.
Now... to run the other five girls through the Star Wars quest.
Shark mount! Shark mount! Shark mount!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Whatcha gonna do?

My whole schedule is in flux. Bleh, I hate that. School starts on Wednesday and I have callbacks for a show on Tuesday.
I really can't see where Wizards fits into that.
'Specially when the Animal Crossing drive is strong. 
Committing myself to a dungeon or a long bout of farming right now is just not what I can or want to do.
Soooo basically this means I'm sort of taking a break from wizards.
(Wanna bet that in two days I'll totally be back and into it?)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Wizards, The Mouse, and Selena

I guess Friendly's post got me thinking about somethings... mainly Selena Gomez promoting her new album via Wizard101. That makes me wonder.

As a singer myself I question this move, on her part. If I'm reading the signs right, she looks to me like she's growing out of Disney and trying to bust a move as an adult artist. Wizard101 would be the worst thing you could do. It's pitched to an age group that's not really going to help you out as a growing artist. The younger kids will have most likely have seen your Disney shows/appearances and continue to associate you with that. You want to be playing to an older audience. Say... 15-20ish. It's hard to be respected as an adult artist.
I wonder what her/her manger's thinking was? Because I can tell you, if I was in Selena's shoes, this would be the last thing I'd do.
But at the same time you can see that she is using this move to break away from Disney. KI is not Disney, not yet at least, but it has the same group of people that are invested in Disney. So I guess I can see how it's smart in the short term. Hmmm. It still makes me wonder though...


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Birthday Card

Dear Kevin,
It seems like yesterday when I met you and we ran through your crazy house,
and Kestrel and I were plotting ways to kill you.
How long ago was it, when you taught me the KBB strategy for Big Ben?
It's simplicity is so... Kevin.
To the dude who all the cool glitches happen too,
Happy Birthday.
And Thank you so much for all the times you helped me or one of my friends out.
You are AWESOME.
I hope you have a fabulous day.
Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Miss Darby

This weekend I took the plunge and created my final wizard.
Meet Darby WinterSong, level 5 Ice wizard and Hero of Unicorn Way.
She may look like a bag of skittles now, but just you wait!
I guarantee you she will be fashionista of the group.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Eventful Weekend

Wow! This has been one busy weekend!
First off, I got the Spectre to Epic.
Then I gave him to Lenora. It's very useful!
Then on a whim I did a couple Briskbreeze Tower runs with Kevin Battleblood and Co, and I got my Myth ring! I think that it's going to help a ton.
Also I swear I saw this glitch at least three times.
Then I powered my way through Marleybone, with Miss Lenora and in Counterweight West got me a Clockwork Golem.
Off to Mooshu with her! She's level 34 now, only about half a level away from wearing a pretty new robe.
We also had the very first meeting of the Petnome Project.
This 'short' meeting only lasted about four hours. Boy, when we get talking... better pack a lunch!
I took gobs of photos, so here's a little slide show for you!

Then just a few moments ago I was farming Ye Old Crazed Forest Spirit and I got my crab!
WOW! I am still in shock! I mean, I've been farming for him since it was discovered!
I named him Sebastian, which is the name of Kestrel's crab too. Ugh, I tried to name it something special...
But I'm going to keep it like that for a while because I like it.
We'll just have to have matching pets. :P
As you can see it's been a very eventful weekend!
And we've got a whole half a day left!
I wonder what's in store?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Wizard101

Yesterday was Wizard101's Second Birthday!
I hope there are many more!

To help us celebrate KI has given us two free transformations!
WOO! It really makes my day to see trees and pigs running around the commons. :)
Happy Birthday to Icywiz and Happy Wizaversary to Leesha Darkheart!
Wow such an eventful day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Very Spectre Day

Yesterday was a big day.
My real life friend finally got his Ianthine Spectre after months of farming.
He has farming for them ever since they came out.
Now me and my two real life friends all have Spectres! Hehe, the 'tres amigos'!
Next my Spectre, King Cosmo, maxed out his stats!
He also passed the half-way point!
See that. He has Death-giver (+ death strength) and Death-proof (+ death resistance) unlocked!
With his stats maxed out he is giving me 6% and 8%. Sweet!
After I get him to epic, I am going to give him to Lenora. Having that will help so much more than my lighting bat that I am currently using.
I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And now for something completely different...

back to school time! A few of you have already started I believe. This year for me I am going to be doing something completely different. 

So this year I am going to start taking College classes. (You see there's this really cool program in my state, that lets you start College earlier.) So this quarter I'm taking 10 credits (two classes) and hopefully will be in a play outside of classes. So as the advisor said 1cr = 3 hours approx. That's 30 hours a per week. So if you haven't figured it out already, I am going to get busy. Really busy. Starting September 22nd I will probably be in game very little. But don't fret! I am busy learning about English 1 to the 0 to the 1, and "Chronological and thematic study of U.S. History from 1900 to the present with emphasis on its cultural, diplomatic, economic, political, and social elements".

So my wizards, now back to our regularly scheduled program.