Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tenure for Dworgyn

Hello students, teachers, monsters, pets and fellow citizens of the spiral! Today we are going to talk about a very important cause. A cause that is over looked by so many, “Tenure for Dworgyn”.

Dworgyn is the most underrated professor in Ravenwood, but he’s the most kind and hard working. Does he send you off on long and complicated quests for a measly amount of experience (cough cough, professor drake, cough cough,)? No!
Does he even know that the Death School has been separated from the rest of the schools? No, he working so hard in that little office of his that he didn’t even notice.
He also teaches students some of the most renowned spells in the spiral: Skeletal Pirate, Feint, Wraith, and Scarecrow! Poor Dworgyn works so hard that he hasn’t even got the time to clean up the Death School, look at all those cobwebs!

Many of the younger students make fun of Dworgyn because of his… err… uh… unfortunate defect, but Dworgyn knows it’s what’s inside that counts! “Hump? What hump?” he says bravely. He is a great role model for students. He is brave, kind, courteous, smart, and sensitive.

Here is one of Dworgyn’s students to tell you of their love for the underappreciated professor:

Hi! My name is Lenora RavenWhisper. I am a level sixteen death school student. And I wrote a poem about my professor Dworgyn. Ahem.

Oh Dworgyn you rock,

You’re really the tops!

We think that you’re really divine!

You give us nice spells,

And we learn so well,

From a teacher who never does whine.

We love our own school,

You make it so cool,

To you we are buliding a shrine!

Oh Dworgyn you rock,

You’re really the tops!

We think that you’re really divine!

Thank you. Tenure for Dworgyn!

Thank you very much Miss RavenWhisper for that heartwarming verse. I think it is clear that that Professor Dworgyn is underrated but much loved. So let’s make our love official. Let us, my friends, seek "Tenure for Dworgyn"!

Join the cause at:

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  1. Its about time Dworgyn got some recognition. Whenever I go in there he says hi,gives me my spells and I'm out of there no problem. It's feels nice to get a spell without running halfway across the Spiral to complete some menial task (cough Professor cough Drake).


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