Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Poll Time

Woohoo! The polls are open! Go vote (for me!) here:
And if you haven't checked out my campaign page, now would be a good time to do so. I update it at least once a week so keep checking back!
Also some of my good friends and fellow bloggers are running this term as well so don't forget to vote for:
Kestel ShadowThistle
Leesha DarkHeart
Jessica FairyHeart
David TitanRider
Dustin MoonCatcher
Sierra StarSong
Cody DeathFlame
And so many others! They all will make great student teachers, but it's up to you to deiced, who will it be?



  1. Voted...

    Also, gonna do seperate computers friends... also add me to your friend's list (on your blog lol):

  2. Yeah, I need to update my friends list. I will add you first thing in the morning Malorn! (commenting from itouch) It's really out of date, I realized earlier today that I hadn't added David and Dustin yet either! :O Time to recheck the friend list.


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