Friday, May 21, 2010


Amber and Kestrel did it and I'm going to do it too!
Talking about my past.
Yep, it's been a long time.
Okay to begin at the beginning, I started playing by not playing. My friend was playing Wizard101 and I always seemed to end up over his shoulder, watching and remarking on how dumb it was.
"You could make a wizard too!" he told me. "Nah," I said, "It looks boring and addicting."
"You can have a unicorn pet," he said. "...really? Well... maybe I'll try..."
So I took the test and got a myth wizard. I named her Heather Raven.
So then I went all the way through the free trial areas and even though I wasn't convinced it was a great game I got a subscription.
After many battles with my two real life wizard pals (Death and Fire) we progressed to Krokotopia. We were enchanted by it's beauty and lore.
Then some more battles, we advanced to Marleybone. At first it was very cool because as you all know I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. But then it got really hard.
After some more grueling battles we traveled to Mooshu.
Which made me hungry for red bean moon cakes.
But I found Mooshu boring. So I plodded through mostly because my friends were nudging me too.
Then we hit Dragonspyre, which was by far the worst of all.
But we finally finished.
Then my friend who started it all (Death) deiced he was bored with wizard101 and stopped playing.
I was kinda bored too, now that I had "finished the game" what was there to do next?
Then a truly remarkable thing happened.
KI featured a blog post by The Friendly Necromancer on the log in page.
I looked at it for a few times before caving and clicking over.
I had no idea there was a community behind Wizard101!
I started reading his blog, I started reading Jessica's blog.
I was hooked and knew I had to write my own.
Just for myself, not thinking anyone would read it, I started logging my adventures of me and my Balance alt Victoria.
Here's my first screenshot ever.

I'm not going to step you through every important thing I've learned as a blogger but here are a few milestones:

Gosh I love Wizard101.

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