Friday, May 28, 2010

More Pets

Another pet filled day.
First off my mustard troll hatched.
Then my new Frostzilla hatched.
Then we went farming some more.
First drop was Storm Snowman!
Next with help from Kevin BattleBlood, Heather EmeraldFlame and Fallon ShadowBlade I got a Sliverback Wildclaw!

Then last but not least, my Orthrus leveled up!
Now it may cast a myth spell! Cool.
So now I can hatch, Dustin has dibs.
Although I need some serious gold. Aprox 98,000.
Right now I have... 1,199.
This is gonna take a while.


  1. LOL, I'll join you with everything except most of MS, DS, and GH.


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