Friday, May 7, 2010

Making Lemonade

So today I decided to spend a little time exploring the Hatching system on the Test Realm. I, like so many, was initially disappointed with the system. I thought we would be combining looks! No. No Wraith + Piggle don't = wiggle. In fact if you Hatch you're level forty-eight pets, you might end up with a pet you can't even use! So like many of you my face looked like this: :-(
But wait! You could turn that frown upside down! Okay maybe not but maybe you could make things a little better. Read on...

I decided to make one of my other pets adult for Hatchery testing, guess who won? Every one's favorite Lucky Leprechaun, Jasper!
Okay so I made him adult, then the first thing I did was to hatch him with one of my real life friend's pets, which happened to be a Dream Ghoul. So I hatch them. Bang! I got myself a new Myth Ghoul. Nice, I think to myself. Then next, I hatch Jasper with a random person's Epic Stray Piggle. Bang! Lucky Leprechaun. Interesting, I thought. After that I hatched with a Danger Hound. Bang! I got a new Danger Hound. Last but not least I just hatched with a Crimsonzilla. Bang! I now have a Crimsonzilla.

Here are all the hatched pets, I have equipped Jasper.

Now I got my partner's pet three out of four times, which looks like pretty good odds, but I only hatched five times. When I start doing it more and more, I will get my partner's pet less, I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, that it will even out to about fifty/fifty.

So you are going to get your own pet quite a lot. I like Jasper, and frankly having a bunch of Leprechauns running around my house dragging their pots of gold behind them, to me, sounds groovy! (Or if you share an account with a child or sibling, and you constantly are switching a particular pet, now you can each have your own!)

So when life gives you lemons... here are some tips for making lemonade:

  • Pick a pet that is not school exclusive for Hatching.
  • Pick a pet you don't mind having multiples of.
  • Remember what Justin and Jason said on Ravenwood Radio: Pet abilities are tend towards the weaker pet. So if you're hatching for abilities, make sure you're pets are both high levels.
  • Have fun! This is a game after all! :)
While the Hatching system is not ideal, it does have some cool aspects. 

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