Friday, May 14, 2010


You probably know this already, but I love Sherlock Holmes.
So when I saw the small Marleybone house, I fell in love with it too because it looks a lot like 221b Baker St., where the famous detective lives.
So I decided to get one on the test realm!
The decor is modest. Yet tastefully Edwardian.
Boy Sherlock sure does like his crafting.
Did you know that the real Baker St. in London is very close to Regent's Park?

I love Marleybone....and hate it, all at the same time...


  1. The name of the post freaked me out at first. I thought 22 lb (pounds) lol...

    Now, I'll call ya Detective Heather xD... I would hate to be the criminal lol...

  2. My storm wiz started out with this model, her crafting setup was in the underground lab. Unfortunately it counts as "outside" so she couldn't put in wallpaper.

  3. @Malorn: ...The spiral's one and only private consulting detective! :D

    @Sierra: Oddly, you can put paintings and other wall hangings up down there. Most often you can't do that outside.


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