Sunday, May 9, 2010

Party Animals

Yesterday was an extremely busy day in the Spiral.
First off, the very first Battleblood Monthly Challenge!
Here we are on the course.
Wow. That was so hard.
And remarkably I came in SECOND!!! One of my favorite moments in Wiz101!
So next time I get juicy hints.
Then we searched for the "Easter egg" and Jessica found it and she gets hints next time too!
Then we had a dance party.
Then, because my brain hurt, I walked away from the computer for a hour to read a book and sit in the sunshine.
Then I came back and it was time for the Myth Council meeting.
Carlos, our fearless leader, had connection problems and he was offline for a few minutes.
In his stead, I, as assistant council leader, ran the meeting.
It was pretty fun. I was in charge for like five minutes! :D
Okay after that I ate dinner, then got on again for Fallon MoonGem's Wizaversary party! (I call it Wiz day for short, and because I am not that clever with the text chat, I can't figure out Wizaversary!)
There were a lot of people there, and when I say a lot, I mean a LOT.
I went to get some obnoxiously bright party clothes to match my party hat, and had to walk back to Unicorn way (where we were meeting,) it was so full it wouldn't let me port!
Then we moved to Fallon's house.
Friendly got a little carried away with the transforming potions.
We danced the night away!
Look matching Leprechauns!!!
Happy Wizaversary Fallon!
Thanks for an awesome party!

Don't forget to come to the Ravenwood Ball! It's gonna be huge man.

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  1. Thanks so much Heather, it was a great party! And thanks for joining us after your very busy day in the Spiral. I didn't even notice our matching Leprechauns! How cool is that?

    Fallon MoonGem


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