Sunday, August 8, 2010

Check it out! 2

I took the suggestion of Malorn, and went over to Picnik. I love that place! Check out these creations.

 A reel from the lost film, Heather of Krokotopia.
A page from Lenora's Scrapbook.
Taken by a fellow explorer.
Which I spelled wrong there. LOL!
Heh, showing off my sepia love. :P
So very cool!


  1. My Twin Sister told me about that (girly stuff: bebo,facebook etc). Unfortunately, I don't live with her anymore due to my Parents Split-Up. :(

    Anyway, glad you loved it should have used it for W101 Central's B-Day Contest (me). :)

    (I'm really getting ticked by Wayfinder Gear yea people think it's neat but, what about armor similar to that Shark's in one of CL Sneek Peeks)?-That would dominate.

  2. @Malorn: Oh man that stinks. :(

    Yeah I like the wayfinder gear, but I'm not super keen on it. I want some GOGGLES! I totally want to look like Dr. Horrible. :D

  3. That would be cool-goggles agreed there.


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