Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Goodbye Documents...

...hello open chat! Yup, I finally got around to setting up open chat.
Look mommy, I can count!

Now I can say "gravy". Yay for gravy!


  1. You can also now say "awesomesauce". People with text chat cannot say sauce.

  2. I am finding that you can say a lot more silly things that should be on regular text chat like: "newbie" and "sauce"!

  3. lol, yay! Sadly, I don't know my parental code, so I may never get it :-P. Have fun saying "Gravy"

  4. How do you set up open chat? My cousin and Aunt have it and I've seen others. And now I know what it does. That sounds like fun.
    But why would KI want people asking/saying infamous things??
    Idk. BUt either, I bet its fun!!


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