Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flash Mob!

This morning my friend emailed me this video.

I love flash mobs, they are so joyful.

Then I was thinking, why can’t we do that in Wizard101? Obviously we can’t do a lot of dance moves, but we can synchronize them and make them look super cool! I think it can be done, and I will do it. If you would like to join, please fill this out.
 to view this form in a diffrent webpage. It's a little squished here. The Form has been deleted.

There are a few mandatory rehearsals so if you can’t make those dates come and watch us! This is a work in progress so we’ll just go with the flow. :)

Also I need a camera man/woman. Someone who can be at the event, and possibly at rehearsals too. Send me an email.

I am planning on starting with something very simple, so don't worry about being perfect. :) I encourage you all to come, we will be dancing in the Wizard City Commons and rehearsing at my house.

More information will come closer to the preformance date.

WOOT! Everybody dance! :D



  1. that reminds me of Improve everywhere!

  2. Very great idea Heather, I really wish we had more dance moves ;D. I'll definitely attend the rehearsals unless something last-minute happens, can't wait! ( This'll be harder than the Petnome photoshoot... )


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