Friday, August 27, 2010

Wizard101 Flash Mob: Rehearsal #1

Well... I didn't work the way I planned. It never does. But it did work! It was touch and go though.

Kevin was the first, and he started messaging people, inviting them to come. And sure enough, they trickled in. (Why does it surprise me that the word of Kevin is more influential than a blog post and several tweets? I don't know why. But it does.)

I gave everyone numbers: one or "too". Then started teaching them the choreography, adding in secret signals that indicated the next dance move. At first there was a bit of confusion, but everyone caught on really quickly! Benjamin Fairydust of The Spirit Keep filmed some of the rehearsal. [[I will insert a link to the video here when he gets it up.]]

Our next rehearsal will be Sunday at 6pm Central!!! If you were there today, please try to make it! If you know you won't be able to leave a comment anywhere on this blog.

I just want to say again, that all of you were awesome, you picked it up so fast and were so cool with all the interruptions. You rock so much. Thank you!

The form will be going away (since it wasn't really useful). But I will be making a little section of this blog devoted to Wizard101 Flash Mobs. Look for a button on the side within the next few days!
Thank you all again!


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