Monday, September 6, 2010

Eventful Weekend

Wow! This has been one busy weekend!
First off, I got the Spectre to Epic.
Then I gave him to Lenora. It's very useful!
Then on a whim I did a couple Briskbreeze Tower runs with Kevin Battleblood and Co, and I got my Myth ring! I think that it's going to help a ton.
Also I swear I saw this glitch at least three times.
Then I powered my way through Marleybone, with Miss Lenora and in Counterweight West got me a Clockwork Golem.
Off to Mooshu with her! She's level 34 now, only about half a level away from wearing a pretty new robe.
We also had the very first meeting of the Petnome Project.
This 'short' meeting only lasted about four hours. Boy, when we get talking... better pack a lunch!
I took gobs of photos, so here's a little slide show for you!

Then just a few moments ago I was farming Ye Old Crazed Forest Spirit and I got my crab!
WOW! I am still in shock! I mean, I've been farming for him since it was discovered!
I named him Sebastian, which is the name of Kestrel's crab too. Ugh, I tried to name it something special...
But I'm going to keep it like that for a while because I like it.
We'll just have to have matching pets. :P
As you can see it's been a very eventful weekend!
And we've got a whole half a day left!
I wonder what's in store?


  1. Yeah well have you seen the glitch where your hat is inbetween your legs? you don't have a top to your head!

  2. @Isaac: O.o I don't believe I have.... something like that I'd remember.


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