Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Wizards, The Mouse, and Selena

I guess Friendly's post got me thinking about somethings... mainly Selena Gomez promoting her new album via Wizard101. That makes me wonder.

As a singer myself I question this move, on her part. If I'm reading the signs right, she looks to me like she's growing out of Disney and trying to bust a move as an adult artist. Wizard101 would be the worst thing you could do. It's pitched to an age group that's not really going to help you out as a growing artist. The younger kids will have most likely have seen your Disney shows/appearances and continue to associate you with that. You want to be playing to an older audience. Say... 15-20ish. It's hard to be respected as an adult artist.
I wonder what her/her manger's thinking was? Because I can tell you, if I was in Selena's shoes, this would be the last thing I'd do.
But at the same time you can see that she is using this move to break away from Disney. KI is not Disney, not yet at least, but it has the same group of people that are invested in Disney. So I guess I can see how it's smart in the short term. Hmmm. It still makes me wonder though...


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