Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Very Spectre Day

Yesterday was a big day.
My real life friend finally got his Ianthine Spectre after months of farming.
He has farming for them ever since they came out.
Now me and my two real life friends all have Spectres! Hehe, the 'tres amigos'!
Next my Spectre, King Cosmo, maxed out his stats!
He also passed the half-way point!
See that. He has Death-giver (+ death strength) and Death-proof (+ death resistance) unlocked!
With his stats maxed out he is giving me 6% and 8%. Sweet!
After I get him to epic, I am going to give him to Lenora. Having that will help so much more than my lighting bat that I am currently using.
I can't wait!

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